CREATIVE BRIEF: Mr. Donald Sanger

Donald Sanger is an artist based in the UK. I first came across his work on Instagram while on my usual dig for new and interesting visuals and opinions. I started a conversation with Donald via DM because I wanted to know who he was. His images are hilarious and wrong and right. He makes it very clear that obese people, miniature fatties and giants all have fun, eat and exercise just like the rest of us.  You can find our correspondence below.

little beast: What can you tell us about your work plan for 2016?

DS: I always have itchy feet. I'm never really content with what I am doing or where I am. Not in a depressing way, more of a frustrating but aspirational way. In terms of my drawings I guess just carry on doing what amuses me. Maybe I should try and sell some. I feel like I have a creative disposition and this is the only way it manifests itself. I would actually really like to spend more time doing pottery. Much more wholesome and strangely meditative.

little beast: How would you describe your process?

DS: My process it very simple, the only way it can be really, with a limited skill base. I draw a picture with a pen, scan it in and then colour it in using photoshop. I make these pictures to amuse myself and if it amuses at least one other person then that's a bonus. It is always funny what people think and the assumptions that they make about what inspires me. I had a little exhibition in a coffee shop recently and I overheard a conversation about my pictures. The couple were talking about consumerism, fast food, globalisation etc. I had to laugh to myself. The reality is I once drew a large person, found it enjoyable and drew some more. 

little beast: What you are working on currently?

DS: Something I can show my parents. As it stands, I'm in the artistic closet. 

little beast: I'd love to hear more about this "artistic closet..."

DS: The first pictures I did were usually quite sexual. I've moved away from that now. Sex gets a cheap laugh but I needed to draw something I could show my mum. I want her to be proud of me, after all. I'm still yet to produce a line of work I'd be happy to show my Grandmother though. Actually, I tell a lie....I do like pottery. Is that art? I made my Gran a lovely bowl for Christmas. 

You can find more from Mr. Donald Sanger here.

IG: @mrdonaldsanger