CREATIVE BRIEF: David Lewerentz aka Snövit aka Horla aka DJ Swedbank

Someone tagged a person called @dubmassive (David Lewerentz) in a post that went up on the Little Beast IG and I wound up down a rabbit hole thinking that I recognized the name. Above is the first of many beats on his Soundcloud page. Below is the first video that I landed on after clicking the link in @dubmassive's bio. It's by one of David's three aliases, Snövit (Snow White in Swedish). To begin to understand David's subtle genius you must read our impromptu interview that I've screen capped in the gallery below. Use the arrows < > to navigate the conversation. 

You can meet David in person (on our Snapchat channel) on April 15th, 2016, when he takes us raving in Sweden.


You can see more of David's work here.

IG: @dubmassive