Click Set 1 by Cole Bryant - A series of digital art and prose

Click Set is a series of images paired with words presented by Cole Bryant. 

Click Set represents a merging of technology, rhythm, form, emotion, and prose. 

This is Set 1.

Emerging click, and click. Bore through two screens. And click, bore through two screens. 

Emerging swell and click. You see, and click, and click. 

And click, you see, finally. And click, and click. 


Davinia Arias is an artist and digital designer based in London. I've been a mighty fan of her personal work as well as her project (#platodavinci) with Ignasi Monreal for quite some time. We've reposted their collaborative and independent works often.

Her resume boasts of collaborations with Mc Queen, Graff Diamonds, Missoni and Almeida to name a few. You can see her work and find our brief exchange below.

- Stephan

little beast: Describe what your creative process might look like.

DA: It really depends on the nature of the trigger/impulse that makes me want to draw something. If the idea is self-initiated, it is a bit of an inductive process where I try to find the elements that will ignite that idea in other people's mind. Otherwise, if I find a subject or object that gets my attention, I will study it, select the parts I want to emphasise and build a story around it. 

I definitely always try to visualise the finished piece in my mind and conceal that impression before I even pick up the pen, it gives me a direction and a 'finish line'.

little beast: Do you have a favorite visual artist?

DA: I have like a top 10. Where they are all equally favourite, but I definitely have a soft spot for Sargent and Sorolla.

little beast: If you could collaborate with another creative on a project who would it be?

DA: Nikola Tesla / Jesuschrist

You can find more of Davinia Arias' work here.

IG: @daviniaarias