I had a light chat with ceramicist Linda Lopez about her work and the balancing of two very involved careers. You can find our conversation below, along with images of her recent work. She is represented by Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami.

As you know, I keep these interviews very short and introductory. I encourage you to look deeper into Lopez's work via her site, which I have linked at the end of this entry. 


little beast: How would you describe you work?

LL: My work is an abstract view of the moments that surround us everyday.

Little Beast: Love that. When did you realize that this was an important conversation, and why?

LL: I realized this when I was in New Zealand. I had walked an entire trail in search of glow worms. There was not even a glimmer of a glow, so we decided to walk the trail again. We walked slower, we didn’t talk and we practiced seeing. Then all of a sudden the forrest was covered in thousands of glow worms. It was that moment that made me realize that I wasn’t seeing the things around me everyday. 

little beast: What are you listening to right now in terms of music?

LL: Mariachi Flor De Tolache and Future Islands

Little Beast: Have you listened to the Lil Yachty album, "Little Boat"? You should.

LL: No, I am so out of the loop with music (makes me feel old).  I will definitely take a listen to Lil Yachty’s Little Boat. 

little beast: Do you feel like social media has been an asset to your work?

LL: Yes, I started using social media to follow artists, galleries, and museums to stay updated on their projects. It’s really great and convenient to curate a feed of all your favorite creatives in one app. It has also allowed me to share things from behind my studio doors, which have led to exciting opportunities.

little beast: Any opportunities you care to mention?

LL: Mathew McConnell (my husband + artist) and I will be teaching a two week course at Ox-Bow School of Art in July. The class is about finding your ghost collaborators. I am also working on pieces for a solo show at Mindy Solomon Gallery opening in September!

little beast: How do you balance your professional life as an educator with your career in art?

LL: It’s a tricky balancing act and there never seems to be enough hours in a day. I had a professor in graduate school tell me “sleep is for the dead.”

little beast: Any upcoming exhibitions?

LL: Yes, I am currently working on new pieces for a solo show this fall at Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, FL. 

little beast: Name five artists we should know:

Julia Haft-Candell

Francesca DiMattio

Elad Lassry

Alina Tenser

You can find more about Linda Lopez on her website.

IG: @linda__lopez


We first discovered Moto Guo in February of 2015 after stumbling into his inaugural collection, " A Litho Odd". He has since followed with two equally intriguing collections and been short-listed for the coveted LVMH fashion prize.

We've been tuned in like fan girls. Sometimes you see a person's work and know instantly that they are unique and important and will inspire masses.

Find a brief interview between our Creative Director, Stephan Alexander, and Moto Guo below. 

little beast: Where did you grow up in Malaysia?

MG: A small town called Teluk Intan in a state called Perak.

little beast: What was your childhood like?

MG: Simple, carefree and without worries.

little beast: How long have you known that design, specifically apparel, was in your veins?

MG: I started doing fashion quite late, in 2011, which was few years back, but I picked up really quickly. Most importantly, fashion filled up a void in me, that is one of the reasons I fall for it. 

little beast: I really love the narrative of your collections, especially for The Pencil Pusher, Edition One. Tell me about your love for story telling.

MG: To me, my work is an extension of myself, my individuality. I'm always inspired by my own experiences in life, for all of my work; eventually I'm telling stories of my own, it's quite personal. Story telling is a medium for people to understand my work and me myself, and I feel like I just want to do it.  

little beast: If you could collaborate with anyone, fictional, modern or otherwise - who would it be? 

MG: Bjork.

You can see more from Moto Guo here.

IG: @motoguo


Timothy Bee will be contributing to our journal from time to time. He's a stylist living and working in Portland, Oregon. In our opinion he's someone to keep an eye on. Find an introduction, a quote and a short editorial from him below.

Timothy Bee: "I’m from the beautiful portland oregon. I work as a stylist/art director, currently trying to dive feet first into the music scene too and thats been amazing. My cat’s name is paisley and I just got the Black Sabbath Paranoid album as a gift from my friend Tony. Glad to be contributing to the littlebeast family."

"Today’s sophistication run’s the risk of becoming tomorrows discard”- Donald Norman

It ain't hard to tell. Clifford King explores time travel by going to a familiar place, 90s basketball. Westley Snipes would be proud of the journey we take you on - back to those simple times.

Styled and modeled by Timothy Bee (IG:@timothy.bee)

Photographed by Clifford Prince King (IG:@cliffordprinceking


Little Beast is pleased to announce the premier of Kossisko's "Modern Love" from his forthcoming horror short film, entitled "2037." He met with our photographer William Converse-Richter and director Joseph Kenneth in LA this month to take some photos and talk about the film.

We decided to make the release a two part thing considering Mercury is going into retrograde tomorrow and Joseph's interview is still being edited. Find William's shoot with Kossisko below and check back on May 22nd for part two. Mercury will be all love by then.

To view more from Kossisko, visit his website.

Styling: Merav Walklet


Coby Baker makes sexy photos. Sexy photos that are honest and provocative and pure. I arranged a Whatsapp call with her a few weeks ago to chat about her work and to try and convince her to create a live art piece on our Snapchat channel. You can find snips from our chat below. Her Snapchat episode is scheduled for April, 15th, 2016.



Self Portrait - Coby Baker

Self Portrait - Coby Baker

little beast: Do you remember taking your first photos?

Coby: I remember being like 12 and searching DeviantArt for hours and hours finding photographs I liked and could try to replicate. My first 'serious' photographs I took that got me interested in photography was taken around 2006, I would've been 12, I followed a tutorial that involved self portraits of me in my lounge room holding an umbrella that I later photoshopped into an image of an old barn with rain, I was so proud I entered it in as many free photography competitions I could find. But I have taken photos for as long as I can remember, I've always been a sucker for capturing and keeping memories. 

little beast: How has the subject of your work progressed over the years?

Coby: Up until the start of 2015 I had no idea what I was doing, subject wise, with my work or where I wanted to go with it.  I had dabbled in everything from food photography to photojournalism and nothing seemed to feel right. I one night took a photograph of spaghetti in a condom and from then on I knew what I wanted to talk about in my work. I focused on still lives for the first 6 months of 2015, then went on to self portraiture and never looked back. I finally found something I was comfortable talking about and how I spoke about it, since the whole project is about me, it just made no other sense than to take self portraits. 

little beast: What visual artists have made a direct impact on your work?

Coby: Oh, so many! My biggest influence is Toiletpaper Magazine, and Casper Sejersen and his beautiful book 'Belongs to Joe', on the same note, the film nymphonaniac. That movie and book inspired me so much so create a series of work that wasn't so literal and was more mature than what I had previously been working on (Sorry Grandma). Also Nick Zedd, Torbjorn Rodland's 'Vanilla Partner',  Jonathan Schofield's 'A Sense of Porn' and Petrina Hicks' video work, but I just spent the last 3 years at university surrounded by incredible lecturers who would name 101 great artists everyday so its hard to pinpoint just a few. 

little beast: Does music drive your creativity?

Coby: I am a serial listen-to-the-same-10-songs-for-3-months kind of gal. I find that I draw more influence from words rather than music, scripts, conversations, poetry etc. If I find a song interesting I will research the lyrics. 

little beast: What are you listening to now?

Coby: At this very moment- I'm listening to the hum of an old fridge in my shitty retail job lunchroom, accompanied by the ever-so-loud sound of people who can't chew with their mouths closed. However, if i didn't forget my headphones on my lunch break, I would probably be listening to The Wonder Years 'NoCloser To Heaven' album. (On the inside I truly am an angsty teenager) or a band my best friend just showed me Eye Hate God, it's a crazy heavy band. 

little beast: Being that your work talks a lot about you - and a lot about sex and taboos, do you ever get stage fright when showing your work?

Coby: I think it's always a bit nerve racking showing people your work, the start of If You Have Wings, Why Not Fly? Was especially nerve racking, as it was the first time I had explored my sexuality through my work. Right now I feel extremely liberated and lucky to have such a (mostly) positive response from those who have seen it, most of the reactions in person warrant a lot of awkward laughs, it's nice to see I make people feel something. That being said I have yet to show the whole body of work to a large audience in a solo show, so I might have to get back to you on the stage fright front.  

little beast: Do you have a favorite photograph?

Coby: From 'Wings: I would actually have to say an image that was passed over in my final selection, but I have re-found and loved, its a photo I took of a nipple with a bobby-pin on it. While working through my series this was one of the images that got the most reaction. 

From my general photography: In my spare time I am working on a self portraiture series about the search for arcadia and the feelings of loneliness on that journey, my favourite image I've taken comes from that series. Its the first image that opens my website, a self portrait on a jetty in Mt. Buffalo, a mountain area close to where I grew up.  

From someone else: My all time favourite image comes from Toiletpaper Magazine, it shows a hand lifting a hole in a piece of material, its so sexual but so unassuming.  I tried to find the image to show you but have you ever tried to go on  that shit is crazy.

Coby is currently is based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work here.

IG: @cobybaker_