CREATIVE BRIEF: Victoria Villasana

Victoria Villasana is a Mexican artist based in London. I came across her work in the usual way, combing Instagram for bits of gold. The colors of the yarn in contrast with the black and white photographs was a nice juxtaposition to me and so I inquired about her work. After a week-long game of tag, back and forth, we finally managed to get a phone call in. Below are a few snippets from our chat.


little beast: How would you describe your work? 

VV: My work is a Symbiosis of cultures. It's also a contradiction, an old fashioned granny's craft combined with digital photography. I'm inspired by native Mexican crafts, also Mexican Kitsch from my childhood memories visiting the 'Fondas' (A type of modest restaurant serving very popular Mexican food) and the eclectic Fashion in London.

The multiculturalism I've experienced while living in London helped me a lot creatively. I really believe multicultural societies are richer.

little beast: Tell us about your process?

VV: My process is terribly unorganized. I'm not one of those artists who seats for hours working on a piece at the time. My artwork process mixes with my everyday life and I work with different pieces at the same time. When I start a piece, I don't really have an idea of how is going to look like. I just let things flow and enjoy the process.

little beast: How'd it start? 

VV: I've been doing photography interventions with yarn and other type of collages for 2 years so I had all these images piling up at home and I wasn't really sure what to do with them. One day I went out to get some milk and I saw a guy placing some miniature paste ups at the end of the streets and I loved how they brought some 'character' to a very boring road. So, a week after I was the one putting paste ups on the streets and I loved the feeling.

little beast: What do you love most about creating street art?

VV: It's not so much the rush of adrenaline, it's more the fact that you sharing something with people, you are placing something on the streets to get a reaction from people. If I place the pieces during the day, I get approach by people and I enjoy that, but I also enjoy placing the pieces at night and leave the natural environment finishes the piece.

You can find more of Victoria's work here.

IG: @villanaart