Click Set 1 by Cole Bryant - A series of digital art and prose

Click Set is a series of images paired with words presented by Cole Bryant. 

Click Set represents a merging of technology, rhythm, form, emotion, and prose. 

This is Set 1.

Emerging click, and click. Bore through two screens. And click, bore through two screens. 

Emerging swell and click. You see, and click, and click. 

And click, you see, finally. And click, and click. 

Creative Brief: Cole Bryant

Cole Bryant is a bit of a nomad. I met him through mutual friends in Portland, who became close with him during an 8 month stint he had in the North West. He was born in Huntsville, Alabama and currently drifts between Alabama and Georgia. I saw his work and asked him to contribute some pieces to the journal. You can find bits of our conversation below.



littlebeast: How do the South and Pacific Northwest differ creatively?

CB: I think it’s hard for me to speak for Portland generally, let alone the Pacific Northwest, but art and music is definitely welcomed and appreciated more so there than the South. I think the South has a much more approachable scene though. Portland has had such a longer history in different subcultures that it takes more effort to get injected into something. I think that the South is not quite as appreciative of the arts and music. Not yet. It’s not completely against it, but it’s harder to find. It’s more concentrated into a handful of cities and demographics. Relatively speaking, there’s a lot more variety in the arts in Portland. There’s much more contemporary art that deals with a wider variety of new media, and there’s a lot more galleries to visit.

little beast: What mediums do you work in?

CB: I mostly work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. When I’m not on my laptop, I do a lot of ink drawings and I do some film photography. I often try to incorporate these tools together. But right now I primarily focus on digital media. 

little beast: What are "digital experiments?"

CB: I call my digital work my “digital experiments” because that’s what I feel towards them. I see them as visual experiments utilizing digital tools. My work right now is very experimental, because these tools seem to beg to be experimented with. The works are explorations of visual elements that push me, and push the technology in a direction that is often kind of uncomfortable and unorthodox.

You can find more of Cole's work here on his site and on Instagram (@butchankles).