Creative Brief: FrankNitty3000

I first encountered FrankNitty3000's work while combing 3d animation hashtags and artists on Instagram. The only way that I can describe his work is animated collage. He simply refers to them as "video doodles." Both labels are an understatement IMPO, but whatever you call them- they'll suck you in. I reached out to Frank a couple months ago to ask him a few questions about himself and his work. 

Between our initial phone conversation and now, Nitty has completed several notable collaborations. One with HK based photo blog DRKRMS... Another with Plastik Magazine. And last but not least, a series for Gucci. 

I've linked his IG after the feature. Definitely worth a follow.

- Stephan

little beast: Where are you from, where are you based?

Frank Nitty: I'm from a small town in The Netherlands, then moved to Tokyo and and now based in Hong Kong.

little beast: Would you say that the majority of your work is brand collaborations, or more personal work?

FN: I would say its a mix. Most of the work you will see from me on social media is personal work, but now that brands are opening up more to social media I'm also starting to create more work which is specifically made for small screens or square frames. Sometimes I post brand work if its up to my standard. 

little beast: We've shared a number of your works on Instagram. When did you start these collage animations and what inspired them?

FN: I started doing these short loop animations about a year ago. This was mainly out of boredom with brand work. I've done a lot of really "creative" stuff over the years, but rarely do you have full creative control so I never found it worth it to share my work with people. It's just a nice outlet to show some fresh/fun ideas. The stuff you'll find on my Instagram are basically "doodles" - just quick ideas that are fun to watch. Not trying to be too fancy. 

You can see more of Frank's work on his Instagram page (@franknitty30000)