CREATIVE BRIEF: Josh Scholl of WHOLE & Skim Milk

Josh Scholl and I met about 6 years ago at a fashion trade show in Los Vegas, Nevada. I think it was at Capsule Show at The Venetian, but I can't be certain. My memory of the trip is clouded with after-parties and blaring walks back to the shows each morning. Anyhow, I was there because I was scouting the shows for an accessories brand I had started the year prior, and he was there representing his brand Designer Drugs, the dead twin of today's Skim Milk. 

We became fast friends and would visit each other's cities - mine Portland, his Chicago. I remember drinking "Teeter-Totters" for two days straight one Pitchfork and wound up pissing myself while waiting in the mile-long line for a Port a Potty. "Teeter-Totters" are a mix of red wine and red bull, 1 to 1 ratio. Somehow it became our mascott drink that year. 

Josh recently collaborated with Arial Pink on a series of clothing pieces for his brands, Skim Milk and WHOLE. I caught up with him to talk about that experience and to catch up on his life in general. 

Photo: Wiliam Converse-Richter

little beast: So, who are you? 

JS: I didn't go to school for fashion. I just stumbled into it out of a sheer lack of cool t-shirts at the time. All the t-shirts had super douchey sayings on them and I honestly got tired of wearing all my vintage t-shirts. As a pup I was really influenced by Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller's photography and wanted imagery and art that captured that style with a punk/sleezy/sarcastic vibe that me and my friends in Chicago rolled with. I started making some t-shirts and people liked them. A friend's store started carrying them and they sold out really quickly. After that, I started doing the fashion trade shows and it's snow balled into boutiques and majors across the world. As of right now, I'm just going to keep doing "the thing" with some new exciting additions for FW16.   

little beast: Tell us about your new line, WHOLE Clothing. 

JS: WHOLE will have it's first collection launching in SS16. I started it because even though I love t-shirts, I also wear nicer pieces quite regularly. To keep things exciting for me as a designer, I created a concept brand where I can do small collab collections each season with an artist (outside of fashion). For the SS16: Oddyssey Collection, I collabed with musician Ariel Pink. For the collab with Ariel we did a clear rain jacket, a pair of overalls and 3 cotton modal t-shirts featuring his original artwork.

WHOLE clothing x Ariel Pink. / @drinkthismilk MUSIC: Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore "SteviePink Javascript". Directed By: Joseph Keneth

little beast: Has moving to Los Angeles changed your vision for your work in any way?: 

JS: ABSOLUTELY.  One thing that I love about LA is that we embrace our kooks.  I don't really hold back as much with my designs and it gives me the freedom to just be myself.  If something seems too odd, I'll still make it anyway as I know there are kooks out here who share my high class low life(style).  I don't really care if it doesn't sell.  I'll let the other shirts pick up the slack.
little beast: Who do you consider to be a living legend?

JS: Jesus
little beast: What one person has had the most effect on your work to date? 

JS: Juergen Teller.

You can see more from Skim Milk and WHOLE here.

IG: @drinkthismilk