I had a light chat with ceramicist Linda Lopez about her work and the balancing of two very involved careers. You can find our conversation below, along with images of her recent work. She is represented by Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami.

As you know, I keep these interviews very short and introductory. I encourage you to look deeper into Lopez's work via her site, which I have linked at the end of this entry. 


little beast: How would you describe you work?

LL: My work is an abstract view of the moments that surround us everyday.

Little Beast: Love that. When did you realize that this was an important conversation, and why?

LL: I realized this when I was in New Zealand. I had walked an entire trail in search of glow worms. There was not even a glimmer of a glow, so we decided to walk the trail again. We walked slower, we didn’t talk and we practiced seeing. Then all of a sudden the forrest was covered in thousands of glow worms. It was that moment that made me realize that I wasn’t seeing the things around me everyday. 

little beast: What are you listening to right now in terms of music?

LL: Mariachi Flor De Tolache and Future Islands

Little Beast: Have you listened to the Lil Yachty album, "Little Boat"? You should.

LL: No, I am so out of the loop with music (makes me feel old).  I will definitely take a listen to Lil Yachty’s Little Boat. 

little beast: Do you feel like social media has been an asset to your work?

LL: Yes, I started using social media to follow artists, galleries, and museums to stay updated on their projects. It’s really great and convenient to curate a feed of all your favorite creatives in one app. It has also allowed me to share things from behind my studio doors, which have led to exciting opportunities.

little beast: Any opportunities you care to mention?

LL: Mathew McConnell (my husband + artist) and I will be teaching a two week course at Ox-Bow School of Art in July. The class is about finding your ghost collaborators. I am also working on pieces for a solo show at Mindy Solomon Gallery opening in September!

little beast: How do you balance your professional life as an educator with your career in art?

LL: It’s a tricky balancing act and there never seems to be enough hours in a day. I had a professor in graduate school tell me “sleep is for the dead.”

little beast: Any upcoming exhibitions?

LL: Yes, I am currently working on new pieces for a solo show this fall at Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, FL. 

little beast: Name five artists we should know:

Julia Haft-Candell

Francesca DiMattio

Elad Lassry

Alina Tenser

You can find more about Linda Lopez on her website.

IG: @linda__lopez