Discotexas is a Lisbon based electronic music label, founded by Luis (Moullinex) and Bruno (Xinobi). Along with releasing their own music, they release music from friends and artists they admire. 

If you keep up with us on Instagram or Snapchat you know that we've been curating a series of video shorts through the eyes of creatives that we either work with or admire. The guys from Disco Texas recently took over our Snapchat channel on a gig trip from Lisbon to London. Their takeover will be featured here on the site when the first batch of episodes roll out.

For now you can find a brief interview below, along with some tracks from Xinobi and Moullinex.

little beast: How and when did Disco Texas come about?

DT: We started throwing club nights under this name, back in 2006, so almost 10 years now. 
The name was just an umbrella for several like-minded producers and DJs to group under. We didn't have a manifesto or plan, but everyone was into making club music fun. 

little beast: What's in the name?

DT: There's pineapple juice on that name :) It is Discotexas altogether ;)

little beast: Is everyone based in Lisbon? 

DT: At the label office, yes! However our artists are pretty much from all around the globe.

little beast: How much of a role do the two of you play in concepting videos, creating content, art direction of each artist?

DT: We try not to interfere with the artistic vision of whoever we're working with. But we have a strong sense of the label's identity in the way that we want our records to be easily identified - to contribute to this idea of artistic family, with its differences, but a common DNA and approach to music. 

little beast: Do you have any projects you're especially excited about this year?

DT: Yes, we are launching a sublabel called Forbidden Cuts, heavily focused on club music.  Xinobi, Da Chick and Moullinex EPs are on the way. We're getting The Discotexas Band together to record music under this alias for the first time, as we only played live shows in the past.
It's gonna be a busy year!

Visit their site ( to learn more.

IG: @discotexas x @moullinex x @xinobi