We first discovered Moto Guo in February of 2015 after stumbling into his inaugural collection, " A Litho Odd". He has since followed with two equally intriguing collections and been short-listed for the coveted LVMH fashion prize.

We've been tuned in like fan girls. Sometimes you see a person's work and know instantly that they are unique and important and will inspire masses.

Find a brief interview between our Creative Director, Stephan Alexander, and Moto Guo below. 

little beast: Where did you grow up in Malaysia?

MG: A small town called Teluk Intan in a state called Perak.

little beast: What was your childhood like?

MG: Simple, carefree and without worries.

little beast: How long have you known that design, specifically apparel, was in your veins?

MG: I started doing fashion quite late, in 2011, which was few years back, but I picked up really quickly. Most importantly, fashion filled up a void in me, that is one of the reasons I fall for it. 

little beast: I really love the narrative of your collections, especially for The Pencil Pusher, Edition One. Tell me about your love for story telling.

MG: To me, my work is an extension of myself, my individuality. I'm always inspired by my own experiences in life, for all of my work; eventually I'm telling stories of my own, it's quite personal. Story telling is a medium for people to understand my work and me myself, and I feel like I just want to do it.  

little beast: If you could collaborate with anyone, fictional, modern or otherwise - who would it be? 

MG: Bjork.

You can see more from Moto Guo here.

IG: @motoguo


Timothy Bee will be contributing to our journal from time to time. He's a stylist living and working in Portland, Oregon. In our opinion he's someone to keep an eye on. Find an introduction, a quote and a short editorial from him below.

Timothy Bee: "I’m from the beautiful portland oregon. I work as a stylist/art director, currently trying to dive feet first into the music scene too and thats been amazing. My cat’s name is paisley and I just got the Black Sabbath Paranoid album as a gift from my friend Tony. Glad to be contributing to the littlebeast family."

"Today’s sophistication run’s the risk of becoming tomorrows discard”- Donald Norman

It ain't hard to tell. Clifford King explores time travel by going to a familiar place, 90s basketball. Westley Snipes would be proud of the journey we take you on - back to those simple times.

Styled and modeled by Timothy Bee (IG:@timothy.bee)

Photographed by Clifford Prince King (IG:@cliffordprinceking