Creative Brief: Nikki Pecasso

Nikki Pecasso is an artist based in Vancouver B.C. She illustrates a cast of characters and scenes that reflect her interest in contemporary society. 

Nikki originally submitted some of her work via email and it seemed appropriate to ask her a few questions about sex, feminism and Western culture. I love her work and am amazed that she still has an active Instagram account. You should follow her, it's linked after the interview.


little beast: When did you begin this current body of work?

NP: I began this body of work around a year or so ago.

little beast: How is our sexuality changing with technology?

NP: I think sexuality will always fuel advancement in technology....Especially porn.   

little beast: Why is nudity and sexuality so repressed in Western culture?

NP: Because of the foundations of what the West was built upon.  White Puritanism.  Which is why the new movie "The Witch" is so fucking good.  

little beast: Do you feel that this creates problems? If so, what?

NP: YES it creates so many issues and problems...For example- women who celebrate their sexuality get slut shamed, verbally harassed, assaulted or frowned upon.  These are the "double standards that Western Culture society sets for women.... I feel like there needs to be more sex-pos spaces created for those subverted and subjugated by patriarchy can feel safe to explore and celebrate their sexuality :) That's why open Queer spaces are so fucking important.  In these spaces we need to be more like " YES I AM A WOMAN AND YES YOUR ARE A WOMAN LETS FUCKING CELEBRATE OUR WOMANHOOD" ( Aka the last scene in the new movie "The Witch") 

You can see more of Nikki's work by visiting the links below.


Instagram: @bonercandy69